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East End Beach • Portland, Maine

CrossFit Casco Bay


Experienced Rowing Season Opens May 27

Novice Rowing Season Opens June 10


learn-to-row clinics

A two hour clinic for those who have never sat in a boat or those who have been away from the sport for several years and would like a refresher course.  These clinics are typically held on Saturday mornings just 4-5 times throughout the season so sign up early.  Experience your first few strokes pulling on the handle of the oar and feeling the rush of the water under the boat as you move the boat forward.  Let us show you the power of rowing!


launch driving & volunteers

Launch drivers and volunteers are vital to the organization, both on and off the water.  Lauch drivers are at the helm of a launch provided and fueled up by the organization increasing the safety of our crew while on the water.


Learn-to-row Sessions

This is for graduates of the Learn-To-Row clinic and those that are returning to the sport and would like an intermediary level before joining the experienced level boats.  Completion of a Learn-To-Row clinic or prior moving seat rowing is required.  Sessions are three weekdays in a row from 7 AM to 8:30 AM.  Land instruction is included but very little to no land training as we want to maximize water time.  Get ready to row!



9th seat, best seat in the boat!  A great experience to take command on the water.  Both novice and experienced coxswains welcomed. 


Experienced Rowers

A powerful way for experienced sweep rowers to start their day; on the water 5:30 AM to 7 AM on high tide weeks. All eight or all four, light to full pressure rowing, steady state pieces, instruction and drills from a coach.  Opportunity to learn scull rowing throughout the season; quad, double and singles.



Coaches share their passion for good rowing with novice to experienced rowers, supporting the rower in their desire whether it be recreational or competitive rowing.