Summer Season Pass

Unlimited water rowing + 10 erg sessions 

Adults $525  •Students $350

Summer in Maine is short so maximize your water time with a summer pass.  If you take advantage of this season pass it will be the best price-per-row.


Ten Day Pass

10 Days of water rowing + 3 erg sessions 

Adults $225 • Students $150

A ten day pass will allow you flexibility to work around your schedule and vacations.  Please do keep the coach informed of your anticipated attendance.


Drop In

One day only pass • student or adult $25 

A one time drop in is available for those wanting to see how they like this experienced rowers offering and time.  A Ten Day or Season pass would need to be purchased.  We enjoy having out-of-town rowers join us while vacationing in Maine. Please feel free to contact us for special pricing and information.




experienced rowers:

Experienced rowers who have a background in rowing or who have successfully completed the PCRA Learn-To-Row sequence are invited to PCRA's 5:30am master's rowing. Masters row in 8s, 4s, quads, doubles, and singles depending on numbers and upcoming races. Both sculling and sweep rowing is available, and coxswains are provided for no additional cost to rowers. Due to tides, we are not able to row on the water every day of the week. Import the Experienced Rowing Schedule into your Calendar.


Experienced rowers must sign a USRowing waiver online prior to their first day of rowing with PCRA.  If you are new to PCRA, you will need to "Join" US Rowing using the club code "JHW3U". If you are a returning rower, select "Member" and "Sign Waiver." All season pass and 10-session pass members are required to sign this waiver online.