Where do you row?

We row in Casco Bay, Back Cove and the Presumpscot River leaving from East End Beach in Portland, Maine.  For indoor rowing we meet at CrossFit CascoBay.  See the Connect page for maps and addresses.

How do I find you on the morning of my session? 

If you're using Google Maps, search for Cutter Street. We meet at the bottom of Cutter Street, which is the windey road that intersects with the Eastern Promenade and curves down to the East End Beach. We will meet at the first of the two green storage containers on the lawn.

Where should I park? 

There is limited parking at the bottom of the hill just past the train tracks, but we encourage you to park in the upper lot.

What should I wear?

Please wear layers and closer-fitting clothing that will not get caught in the moving seats of the boat. You will also need water shoes that are somewhat secure on your feet - we lauch off the beach, which means we have to carry the boats into the water. Don't forget to bring socks to wear in the boat!

What should I bring?

Socks, a water bottle, water shoes, and anything for the sun (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.). If you have valuables (bag, wallet, phone, keys), you may leave them locked in the storage container while we row.

What happens in bad weather?

In some cases, heavy rain, wind, or fog will make it impossible for us to row safely. We do not row if there is lightening, although we do row in the rain. If it is clear that the weather is unsafe before the session begins, the coach or a designated contact will communicate the cancellation via Facebook, email, and text.  In other cases, we cannot make a call until we are gathered at the beach. To the extent possible, we will replace weather cancellations with indoor rowing or another off-water workout.

Do I need to be a strong swimmer?

Because this is a water sport, you should be comfortable swimming if you wish to row. Any experienced rowers taking out a single scull must pass a flip test to demonstrate they can get back into the boat safely should they capsize.

Is there a height, weight or age limit?

We ask that all rowers be 14 years of age or older and able to carry at least 15 lbs overhead for a short distance.  If you are concerned about your height or weight please email the coach at row@rowportland.org. 

Is there a fitness requirement?

We carry very heavy boats off of the racks, down a set of stairs and into the water.  The weight distribution can be very uneven at times.  You should have the ability to safely lift 30 lbs up over your head.  Physical preparation and conditioning is not a part of our offering and you will want to do this on your own both before participating and during with the goal of reducing injuries.  Check with your health care provider to determine if rowing and lifting boats is an appropriate activity for you. 

Do you offer sculling or private instruction?

We are primarily a coached, team oriented, sweep rowing organization.  We do have some sculling with a quad, a double and a few singles.  As an organization we do not offer private instruction.  You are welcome to inquire with the coach about the possibility of private instruction or inquire with other rowing organizations in the state.

What other organizations are there in Maine or organizations that offer private instruction?


Maine Rowing Association - http://rowmaine.org

Merry Meeting Rowing Association - http://rowbrunswick.org

Yarmouth Rowing Club - https://yarmouthrowing.com

Craftsbury Outdoor Center - https://www.craftsbury.com

Meguticook Rowing - http://megunticookrowing.org

Do you offer boat storage?

Typically we do not have extra room on the racks for personal boat storage.  You are always welcome to inquire to see if this has changed.