Learn-To-Row Clinics

2 hours • Adults $50 • Students $30

One hour of land training and one hour of handling the boat on land and water. Get a chance to pull an oar through the water and feel the water rush under the boat.  A coach and volunteers will introduce you to the equipment, sweep rowing technique, terminology and boat manuvering.  No prior experience required.  Falling in to the water is a slim chance but a chance none-the-less and therefore swimming proficiency is required.

These sessions occur 3-5 times over the summer on Saturday mornings so don't wait until August to sign up as seating is limited.  Only one Learn-To-Row Clinic is required before moving on to the Learn-To-Row Sessions.  This is an experience like no other!

(Students under age 24, please use discount code Student20)


Learn-To-Row Clinic #1

June 10

Learn-To-Row clinic #2

June 29

Learn-To-Row clinic #3

July 13

Learn-To-Row clinic #4

july 27