Three Day Learn-To-Row Sessions

3Days of water rowing + 1 erg session 

Adults $100  •Students $65

You must have recently completed a Learn-To-Row Clinic, or have prior sliding seat rowing experience and would like to refresh your memory of terminology and technique.  

These session are during the week, 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM.  When possible, there is a fourth day scheduled in case of weather cancelations.  The rower must be able to commit to all days of the session.  You may sign up for several three-day sessions if you would like.



(Students under age 24, please use discount code Student35)


Learn-To-Row Session #1

June 11-14

Learn-To-Row Session #2

July 9-12

Learn-To-Row Session #3

July 24-27

Learn-To-Row Session #4

August 7-10